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Colleen Dominguez

Colleen Dominguez

Practice Manager

With a 25-year career as a dedicated Practice Manager in the medical field, Colleen Dominguez brings decades of experience to Roundtree Financial. Her journey through the ever-evolving medical industry has equipped her with the knowledge, skills, and work ethic necessary to manage Roundtree Financial’s day-to-day operations.

Colleen's interest in finance started at a young age. After high school, Colleen attended California Baptist College where she studied accounting and business. Although her career shifted towards the medical field, Colleen reignited her passion for finance and became Roundtree Financial’s Practice Manager.

At Roundtree Financial, Colleen continuously proves to be invaluable to the practice, handling human resources, payroll, compensation structures, and much more. She is currently studying to get her life insurance license, demonstrating her passion for furthering her industry education.

Colleen’s favorite part about her job is being able to help clients achieve their life goals. She understands the difficulties individuals and businesses can face when planning their financial futures and is passionate about providing the best service possible.

When she isn't immersed in her work or extending a helping hand to others, Colleen enjoys going to the beach, listening to her favorite country songs, and spending time with her family, especially her children and grandchildren.

Colleen's successful career in both the medical field and in finance show that her knowledge and skills are not limited to just one industry. Her ability to quickly adapt and multitask allow her to excel in her role as Practice Manager and expertly balance her many responsibilities.